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Bituminous coal under the condition of cut off the air, heated to 950-1050 ℃, after drying, pyrolysis, molten, bonding, solidification and contraction phase resulting coke, this process is called heat coking. Coke is mainly used for blast furnace iron mak
  Carbon Raiser
There are two types carbon additive, common carbon additive and graphitized carbon additives. According to different refining methods, carbon additive will increase the effect the strength of steel and casting during founding. GANGDA has a lot of experien
  Anode Carbon Block
With anthracite coal, metallurgical coke as the main raw material, asphalt coke as binder, the raw material preparation, the ingredients. Mixed adhesive, molding, roasting, machining, made of. The blast furnace carbon blocks as resistance to high temperat
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